Making customers happy is at the centre of advocacy. When they are happy and satisfied, customers are motivated to speak positively and encourage others to support and engage with the brand. 

Having a defined ‘brand’ acts as a basis for aligning customers and future advocates. Advocates need to feel constantly supported so that they are motivated to advocate. Customer service is a central part of brands today because keeping customers satisfied is central to how a brand functions. 

Here is what businesses can do to keep their customers happy and maintain loyalty for the long run:

1) Reward loyalty by regular customers

Loyalty schemes are not a new idea, but they are a key tenet to making customers feel valued. Advocates remain engaged when they know that their work is appreciated by the brand. The gamification of loyalty schemes can be a great way to introduce a competitive aspect to this.

Modernising loyalty schemes is another good way to keep customers happy. This allows businesses to monitor and generate genuine engagement. Modernised loyalty schemes go beyond transactional relationships, allowing brands to measure true commitment.

2) Responsive customer service

Customer satisfaction is dependent on them feeling connected to the brand. Honesty and fast response times build trust and brand affinity. Quick, proactive responses help with troubleshooting and maintaining clarity between the brand and loyal customers. 

It’s also important to use resources like a chatbot or frequently asked questions to streamline any problems. Loyal customers appreciate fast communication and service, which builds their satisfaction with the brand.

3) Engage with customers on their favourite platforms

Brands must monitor engagement and maintain a presence where customers are engaging with them. Social media, community forums and review sites make this a more streamlined process. Brands can measure how their customers feel with more clarity so that they can respond helpfully.

4) Customer-Centric content

Content must be forward-facing and customer-focused. Good content ensures that customers are happy and engaged, and feel like they are kept in the loop. This is most effective when the most helpful language is used.

It costs 5 times as much to secure a new customer than to maintain an existing one. Keeping existing customers happy allows businesses to grow. Businesses built on happy customers are best placed to convert loyal customers to advocates.

At Hyve we can help you quickly understand where you currently are and help you get to where you need to be in order to create a brand advocacy programme that can help you increase revenue and enhance reputation.

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