The role of customer marketing in your B2B SaaS company is discovering and nurturing customer relationships. Customer marketing should be designed to help you increase the lifetime value of your customers by collaborating with them to drive success in their businesses.

It helps drive the growth of your company and provides you with the much-needed customer insight to deliver the best customer experience possible. 

You should set the focus on your customer relationships and why they matter to your business. Your strategic approach should centre on helping customers face and remove their obstacles and solve the problems that stand in the way of their success.

Customer marketing generates more sales by filling the sales pipeline with high-quality qualified prospects that are ready to buy. It is the process of identifying, informing, and engaging potential customers in a way that results in the purchase of your products and services. 

What is customer marketing?

Customer marketing is essentially the process of reaching out to potential and current customers, analysing their needs and wants, and building a relationship with them.

Map your customer journey to evaluate every customer touchpoint and implement strategies focused on optimising the customers’ experience with your products to help them deliver on their professional and business objectives. 

Customer marketing offers a broad and strategic approach to improving your customer’s relationships and in turn, it increases the lifetime value of your customers. It gives you a pool of potential advocates that can play a  vital role in both your marketing and sales strategy.  

With customer marketing, you can target prospects and existing customers with personalised campaigns that will certainly drive retention, increase engagement and loyalty to your company. It also enables the establishment of your community with a customer-centric approach that leads to a better customer experience. 

Companies that don’t invest in customer marketing, are missing out on growth opportunities. Customer marketing helps to establish long-term relationships with current and potential customers. It provides you with the necessary insight to become market leaders in your industry. 

Why is customer marketing important?

Customers are highly valuable assets. They help you to build your reputation and make you stand out in your industry. 

They are the main drivers of revenue and growth and play a central role in the success of your business.

Customer marketing gives you the ability to identify potential customers, engage them in a personal way and help them solve their problems. You can then provide the right products or services that help to meet their needs, offer the necessary support, deliver amazing customer service, and give them a valuable experience.

Benefits of implementing customer marketing strategies 

As you create customer marketing strategies to help satisfy both new and existing customers, you also get to experience how beneficial it is for your growing B2B SaaS. 

Building meaningful customer relationships 

  • Giving your customers status makes them feel special and valued. You got to listen and respond to their feedback. By collaborating with customers in the decision making you make them feel like they are part of the process. It helps to establish an emotional connection with your customer. Customers feel like they can communicate with you more authentically and that you are a company they can trust. 

Increase customer engagement 

  • Keeps your customer base engaged and attracts potential buyers with the promise that your product is the solution they’ve been seeking to achieve success. Finding new opportunities to improve the customer experience and actively interact with them in ways to deliver more value to them, helps you increase your customers’ participation with your company. 

Boost customer lifetime value 

  • Boosts customer lifetime value by educating your customers about your products, which leads to increased adoption. You can leverage user-generated content to make your customer feel included and gain new insight into your product development. It helps to maintain your relationship with them and helps ensure the customers are loyal to the products which drive revenue growth.  

Increase product adoption

  • By segmenting your email marketing strategy to focus on active customers and personalise engagement, you increase product adoption and retain your customers. Test with your customers which content attracts their attention and drives traffic to the product pages, giving an overall understanding of what the customer responds to. 

Drives customer advocacy 

  • As you collect customer data and measure the efforts of participation of your customers, you get to identify which customers qualify as advocates. They spread word of mouth and encourage customers to use your products and Encourages and increases customer advocacy, leading to better promotion of your product using word of mouth and increased referrals.

Increase brand awareness and improve brand reputation 

  • Providing social proof elements such as new case studies, customer reviews, customer log content and customer success stories help increase awareness and add value to the customer. As the meaningful relationship with customers grows, it will help improve the company’s reputation. 


Customer marketing is essential to the growth of any B2B SaaS company because it encourages customers to offer feedback and reviews which help improve product development and customer experience. Your customer marketing strategy should be designed to help you reach your goals by satisfying both new and existing customers. It plays a crucial role in driving net customer retention and boosting the trust and credibility of your company.

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