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The Definitive Customer Marketing Tech Stack + Playbook

A single place to manage and activate your advocates. Drive customer referrals, build customer communities, generate reviews and turn customers into content creators.

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Hyve, Your Customer Marketing HQ

You know the power of customer marketing and so do we.

But between rewarding customers, identifying advocates, banging on the door of sales and marketing, you’re also managing retention and a pipeline of activities your CRM can’t handle…

The cherry on top? Reaching the end of the quarter for leadership to ask “so can you demonstrate what ROI we’re getting on all of this activity?”

🦗🦗 the sound of crickets 🦗🦗

We both know one of your biggest problems is aligning what YOU do to the value of the business and it’s goals. The other problem is managing all of the above without the right tools or engagement from the wider business.

Hyve helps you bring everything together to manage all of your customer marketing efforts in one place where it’s easily attributable.

Build your pipeline of customer advocates and track their activities

Identify customers primed to become advocates and have full visibility of your customer activities and reward programmes.

No more scattered customer marketing tech stack

Do everything in one place – drive customer referrals, build customer communities, get reviews and turn customers into content creators.

Prove business impact and ROI on ALL of your customer activities

Easily track all of your activities with advocates so you can attribute your efforts back to business goals, retention and expansion!

We make reward programmes easier for you to manage

Delighting your advocates is key. Hyve allows you to reward these acts with product discounts, charity donations, personalised gift cards and more!

Activate your customer
marketing programme

CLOSE, DELIGHT & EVANGELISE. Drive growth with better close rates,
retention and stronger customer relationships.
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