Chasing leads is no longer enough for the growth of your B2B company. Things aren’t as simple as acquiring more customers to drive revenue growth. You need to aim higher.

As B2B SaaS shifts towards a customer-centric marketing process, your goal should not only focus on attracting and converting potential buyers but also build upon the relationship with your existing customers.

The probability of your company selling to existing customers lies between 60% to 70%, whilst, for new customers, the probability is found between 5% to 20%.

This is why customer marketing is the best tactical approach your B2B company can take, in order to drive net customer retention and lower churn. It focuses on strategies and campaigns targeted around keeping your current customers satisfied as well as new ones, to help increase loyalty.

What is customer marketing? 

Customer marketing is a targeted approach that helps your B2B company to focus on existing customers to drive retention and loyalty.

It is a strategic approach that builds upon the relationship between you and your customer and ensures you are meeting their needs and preferences and helping them solve their problems. 

The main objective of customer marketing is to create a customer-centric environment where your customers feel valued, heard, listened to and appreciated.

This enables you to engage with your customers and help them solve their problems. It also helps you create trust and build your reputation. As well as drive customer advocacy and improve customer engagement.

Ways to make customer marketing effective

Adopting a customer marketing strategy is the best tactical approach to lowering customer churn and increase net retention. 

The effectiveness of customer marketing depends on the level of engagement you have with your customers and the channels you are utilising to communicate with them.

Customer marketing involves a two-way conversation with your new and existing customers, where you provide them with the information they need, as well as the tools and solutions they need to achieve success.

But customer marketing needs to be more than just reaching out to existing customers and keep them occupied with your company. It’s about shaping their customer experience by involving them in decision-making processes, offer relevant communications and cater their preferences and needs to target their pain points.

Once your B2B SaaS invests more in customer-centric strategies, you will notice how motivated your customers will become towards renewals and up-selling and cross-selling, and how willing they want to be your advocates.

Here are 5 strategies that will make your customer marketing effective:

Educate customers with workshops and webinar

Offering product training, tutorials and information about the latest updates helps engage your customers by providing them with the confidence to adopt your products.  Once your existing customers recognise your effort to keep them educated in the best practices for your software, they will reference business partners and prospects and lead them to your company and products.

Use customer advocates

In a nutshell customer advocates are customers who are passionate about your products, have seen the positive outcomes it brought to their business and are more than happy to share with others, especially on social media, just how much your products helped them achieve success. Customer advocates will help you build your relationship with new leads, but also strengthen the relationship you have with current customers. If your network sees that you acknowledge all that you have done for them, they will want to return the favour by advocating for your company, provide positive reviews and activate referral campaigns.

Prioritise providing value

Your customer appreciates engaging with you in every platform possible. Besides allowing your product to speak for itself, you need to go out there and show them how important their participation with your company is also important. Provide personalised content and tell them about the latest offers and discounts specifically for them and their business. Send them personal emails and collect feedback to ensure their satisfaction is always met.

High-Quality content marketing

SaaS content marketing boost engagement, conversion and business growth. Many customers who are looking for a solution to their problems are hoping to run into your content, which will answer a lot of their concerns. You can’t just provide them with blogs and product promotions. You need to offer personalised content, paired with SEO marketing and social proof (i.e: customer success stories) to help solve their specific problem and offer value to the customers.

SEO is essential

SEO plays an important role in customer marketing. Your search rank result can help generate new leads and increase your conversion rate. Using the right keywords which outline the functionality and usability of your products will allow you to target your ideal customers and help existing ones interact with your company regularly.


Customer marketing helps attract new leads, develop relationships with your existing customers and drive engagement in your company. You need to value your customers and show them just how important their participation is in your organisation, which helps with the organic growth of your B2B SaaS.

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