All In One Customer Marketing Platform

The Hyve platform provides you with the tools you need to
find, engage and grow a community of customer advocates at scale.
Find and Recruit the right advocates, onboard and Enable
them to work alongside you, Measure their engagement
and Reward their success.
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Convert loyal customers

to Advocates

Identify and recruit the your loyal customers to
become advocates for your brand.
Hyve integrates into your preferred NPS programme,
social media and CRM systems, allowing you to invite
promoters and customers identified as potential advocates.

Collaborate with your


Collaborate with your advocates to develop a deeper emotional
connection and mutually beneficial relationship.
Acts of advocacy range from customer referrals, customer reviews, user generated content & crowdsource innovation.

Measure success of your

advocacy programme

Understand every advocate engagement to gain
insight into who your biggest fans are, who drives most
revenue, and who has the most impact.
Measure the health of your advocacy programmes
by tracking revenue growth, community growth and
community engagement.

Reward advocates for their


Recognise advocate participation by rewarding them
as a token of gratitude for their loyalty to your brand.
This can be done through a combination of product discounts,
charity donations, and personalised gift cards.

Activate your customer
marketing programme

CLOSE, DELIGHT & EVANGELISE. Drive growth with better close rates,
retention and stronger customer relationships.
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