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Accelerate Growth Through Your Customer Advocates

Turn your customers into advocates that drive  that drive revenue growth with better close rates, retention and stronger customer relationships

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Hyve, Your Customer Marketing HQ

Today’s most ambitious SaaS companies are still obsessed with customer acquisition channels and activities that drive the lowest close rates.

Webinars, lead magnets, paid media… you know what they are.

Yet happy customers are often ignored and under leveraged because you’ve treated customer marketing as a ‘nice-to-have’

The facts are, referral marketing generates 3-5x higher conversion rates vs any other channel, customers referred by other customers deliver a 37% higher retention rate and customer marketing activities drive the lowest cost-per-lead vs any other channel available.

Customer marketing is the new growth and with Hyve, you’re able to turn on your very own customer revenue engine.

Turn your customers into advocates that spread word of mouth.

Mobilise your best customers to tell their authentic success stories on your behalf to build trust and credibility.

Discover and nurture your pipeline of customer advocates to help you drive advocacy and growth.

Turbocharge your customer referrals

Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers by empowering your customers to spread positive word of mouth about your business.


With increased competition, your customers are the strongest growth lever at your disposal.


Hyve removes the barriers that stop customers raving about you by making it super easy to complete acts of advocacy.

Prove business impact and ROI on ALL of your customer activities

Easily track all of your activities with advocates so you can attribute your efforts back to business goals, retention and expansion.


Optimise the performance of your campaigns and get bespoke reports on the metrics that matter to you.

Activate your customer
marketing programme

CLOSE, DELIGHT & EVANGELISE. Drive growth with better close rates,
retention and stronger customer relationships.
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