Customer Advocacy Marketing Managed Services

A complete customer advocacy marketing playbook + tech stack service tailored to accelerate and scale your customer programmes.

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Customer Advocacy Marketing Accelerating Growth

We help growing B2B SaaS companies launch customer marketing programmes that help drive growth with better close rates, retention and stronger customer relationships.


With increased competition, customer communities and customer retention is the future for SaaS growth.

Address the balance between
Customer Acquisition vs Customer Retention

We understand that you have your hands full driving top of the funnel activities, that’s why we offer a managed service tailored to help you address the balance between customer acquisition and customer retention activities.


We believe customer marketing drives the one thing that matters….consistent and dependable revenue growth.

Customer Advocacy Marketing Programmes
Tailored For Your Business

We design customer advocacy programmes that evolves with both customer and business needs, ensuring you remain agile while building stronger customer relationships. We help you build a pipeline of customers primed to become advocates for your business and track, manage and conduct ALL of your activities with them all through our Hyve platform.

Customer References

Build a pipeline of customer advocates ready to share their stories on how your business has helped them overcome the challenges within their organisations.

Customer Referrals

Encourage your customers to advocate on your behalf by empowering them with tools that make it easy to spread positive word of mouth about your business.

Customer Reviews

Mobilise your customers to leave quality reviews in the places that matter to build trust and credibility and improve your brand reputation.

Customer Generated Content

Co-create with customers to curate customer stories that are highly relevant, spotlight customer successes and achievements while using your products.

Customer Advocacy Marketing Framework

Our approach to customer marketing will help you systemise advocacy in all functions of your business i.e. sales, marketing, customer success, product and customer support.

1. Recruit

Discover and nurture your loyal customers to become engaged advocates.

2. Enable

Collaborate & empower your customer advocates to complete acts of advocacy.

3. Measure

Easily track and measure all of your advocacy activities with customers so you can attribute your efforts back to business goals, retention and expansion!

4. Reward

Recognise and reward your advocates for their participation and engagement with memorable gifts and charity donations.

Discover & nurture your customers advocates

Monitor your customers life time value and frequency of purchase in your CRM to identify happy and loyal customers to invite to your advocacy community.


Activate your net promoter programme to a new level by giving your promoters an opportunity to spread positive word of mouth to build loyalty and trust.


Discover potential advocates from your social media following who are already engaging with your brand and invite them to your community.

Collaborate with your advocates

Providing you with community tools such as Forums, Customer referrals, Social Sharing Q&A and Competitions that will increase engagement and encourage your advocates to have meaningful conversations.


Providing you with crowdsourcing tools such as Polls, Surveys, Ideation and Customer panels to empower your innovative customers to come up with novel ideas and help you bring new products to market quicker.


Providing you with co-creation tools to collect User Generated Content such as Reviews, Videos, Pictures, Blog content, Picture that outperforms traditional marketing.

Measure success of your advocacy programme

Track every advocate engagement to measure the return on investment. We help you track advocate-influenced leads generated, conversions, renewals and upsells.


Measure the health of your advocacy program by tracking advocate recruitment conversion, programme promotion and ongoing advocate participation.


Gain actionable insight into your advocacy programme by tracking advocate activity to optimise your campaigns to increase engagement.

Reward advocates for their participation

Recognise your advocates’ participation with custom brand badges that will elevate their status and motivate them to spread positive word of mouth.


Create custom brand rewards to recognise your advocates in a special way that will connect with them at an emotional level.


Allow your advocates to donate to their favourite charities that align with their values in exchange of points earned through collaboration with your brand.

Benefits of a customer marketing programme

Increase Customer Retention

Drive customer success and product adoption by sharing relevant content and engagement activities that drives real customer value.

Drive Customer Referrals

Reduce the cost of acquiring new customers by empowering your advocates to refer your business to their network.

Boost brand awareness

Empower your customers to share their reviews, content and knowledge with other customers to build trust and credibility.

Authentic Customer Stories

Collaborate with advocates to co-create and share customer stories that is engaging and resonates with your target audience.

Higher Sales Conversions

Generate high quality sales-qualified leads and drive higher sales conversions with customer references and customer reviews.

More Cross-sell Opportunities

Educate and demonstrate customer value of new product features by regularly sharing customer success stories with customers.

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