Build A Community Of Customer Advocates

Discover and nurture a community of Customer advocates that spread word of mouth. Build meaningful relationships by collaborating with your advocates in the right way.

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Community Tools Built For Customer Collaboration

Empower your customer advocates to crowdsource inspiring

 ideas and co-create engaging content.

Discover & nurture your customers into advocates

Find and recruit your loyal and engaged customers in the following places

  • CRM Databases
    Analyse customer lifetime value in your CRM data to identify loyal customers that have realised the value of your products and services.
  • Customer Experience
    Analyse your customer satisfaction and Net Promoter surveys to convert your promoters into advocates.
  • Social Media
    Identify followers that are actively engaging with your brand on social media through comments, reactions, and post re-shares.

Integrated customer advocacy journey

Personalise every advocate interaction by collaborating with them at the right moment in the customer journey based on customer data and advocacy behaviour indicators.

The Hyve platform provides a library of advocacy activities that you can use to empower your advocates to collaborate meaningfully to achieve business objectives.

Rewards & Gamification

Recognise your community by rewarding them as a token of gratitude for their loyalty to your brand.

Every customer engagement is awarded points in exchange for the following rewards.

  • Customer Badges
    Give your customer status in the community with badges when they hit engagement milestones.
  • Custom Brand Rewards & Discounts
    Provide relevant custom brand rewards and discounts to incentivise and cross-sell to different products
  • Charity Donations
    Connect with your advocates at an emotional level by donating to their favourite charities.
  • Gift Cards & Vouchers
    Reward your advocates with gifts cards and vouchers of their favourite brands.

Customer advocate leaderboards

Improve customer engagement with gamification through leaderboards. Ignite your advocate’s competitive spirit by ranking them on points accrued in completing advocacy activities.

Monitor your advocate leaderboards to identify the different tiers of advocates that are highly engaged to understand advocacy behaviour.

Ready to collaborate with
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Hyve helps you recruit the right advocates, empower them to work alongside you,
measure their engagement and reward their participation at scale.
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