In B2B SaaS, Marketing & Growth directors are beginning to understand just how important it is to include customer stories in their marketing strategies. About 72% of customers say that positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business. 

Your potential buyers are curious to hear your existing customers’ experience with your company and you should let them. Learning the positive outcomes achieved by your customers as a result of using your product offering, will not only build trust but also drive your prospects to make a deal with you. 

Customer stories are becoming a fundamental asset to B2B SaaS companies, helping shape reputations and build long-standing relationships in the industry. But many still fail to understand what it takes to attract and engage a B2B audience with customer success stories. 

Here’s what you need to know: 

Enrich your content 

The only way you are to sell a compelling story is by doing thorough research into what has already had been said about your company. Grab that, reach out to the customers who have given you 5 stars and build their narrative arc. Give your potential buyers a powerful tale that shows how one customer rose to the top, using your offerings. Find opportunities to highlight customer stories within the content to boost social proof.  

Start a conversation 

You cannot just share your story and wait for the magic to happen. You need to pull in your prospects’ attention by letting them know, through emails or social posts, that this is a must-read story. Captivate their attention by starting a conversation with them, about where they are at with their business and where they hope to be. Make them feel heard. Include them and have them see your success stories as the sign to choose you over your competitors.

Use SEO all the way 

75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines. You need a strong SEO strategy with relevant and catchy keywords within stories that will lead potential buyers to your company. You will also attract their attention by giving them content that is easy to be retained and shared around. 

Interact with Prospects 

Prospects are more than likely to still have questions, even after reading your success stories. Indulge in their curiosity. Make yourself accessible to them and feed into the countless questions and concerns, which will help boost trust and credibility in your company. 


The best way to attract and engage your audience is to create visually compelling and interactive content that will connect with them at an emotional level and encourage them to share with their peers.

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