Storytelling is not a new concept in marketing, but it’s a barely explored strategic approach in B2B SaaS. Not only do you get to use customer stories to enhance your offerings in the industry, but you can also accelerate your sales.

Prospects will trust you if you show them your customers’ experience with your products & services and how you helped solve their problems, and helped them achieve success.

Telling customer stories is a highly influential strategy to driving revenue growth and customer retention in your company.  

Using customer stories to accelerate sales

Here are the various ways you can use customer success stories to shorten sales cycles, increase conversions, and generate more revenue.  

  • Embed Video Testimonials in Case Studies

Case studies sell your customer stories in a detailed manner that increases the amount of information that is retained. And according to 51% of marketing professionals around the world, video has the best ROI when it comes to content. Combining the two will educate your prospects about your offerings, the successful outcomes they provide and give them the confidence to make the purchase decision.  

  • Leverage customer stories in customer referral programmes 

Customers that had successful outcomes when using your products are motivated to become advocates for your company. It’s hard enough to drive customer referrals in B2B but your advocates’ stories can play a critical role to build credibility and help drive more referrals from their peer networks. A 12% increase in advocacy leads to a 200% increase in revenue growth.

  • Share stories on social media

Success stories should be in a sharable format (i.e.: quote testimonial, video, customer review) which can be used in your company’s social media profiles. Attaching a call to action (CTA)  within the social posts will stimulate your prospect’s interest and encourage them to access your product page, leading to higher engagement and increased sales.

  • Include Stories in Sales Email

To nurture your leads, it’s ideal to include success stories within your sales emails. It will boost engagement and help build your company’s credibility. In addition, your salespeople will use them as social proof when working on potential buyers who are ready to close the deal.

  • Establish SEO Strategy within Success Stories

As you implement clever and relevant keywords strategically all over your success stories, you are creating engaging content that can help you develop relationships with your potential buyers and improve your reputation. As trust and credibility are increased, you end up growing your audience and improving your search rank results. The more people know about your B2B SaaS, the more ready-to-buy leads you will get.

  • Target Engaged Prospects

Tracking the engagement generated from your stories (i.e.: clickthrough’s, page views, share count, etc.) allows you to have better insight into who is accessing them and whether they qualify as prospects. Once you identify the audience that most interacts with your success stories, you can then create personalised content to target them and turn them into customers.   


Overall, utilising your customer success stories to accelerate sales will be the best decision you make for the growth of your B2B SaaS. They tell a compelling story that captivates attention, converts lead into customers and encourage repeated purchases.  The numerous ways to use stories to increase revenue, as mentioned above, are to be used by you and your team, as you explore the great impact storytelling has on the future growth of your company. 

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