Customer engagement is ever-changing and as the world becomes more technologically advanced, we have to ensure our B2B SaaS are keeping up with the times. 

The way we communicate with your customers can change your company’s trajectory and heavily impact your sales. We need to make customers feel valued and heard and the only way to achieve this is by constantly improving and personalising your customer engagement.

Hence why we have listed 6 strategies we think will help you grow customer engagement: 

  1. Map your customer journey 

Mapping your customer journey gives you better insight into how customers interact with your company. You get to identify the decisions that were made and the obstacles they faced before, during and after engaging with you. You get to analyse their behaviour and attributes and build customer profiles that will help you segment your target audience and improve customer engagement. 

  1. Offer personalised content 

You need to make an effort to know your customers and learn about their pain points in relation to their business. You want your product to make a difference and help them tackle the issues that seem to be holding them back. Therefore you need to ensure that their experience with your company is positive and that you are constantly sharing with them relevant information that will help solve their problems. Sharing content that proves to be valuable and effective can help you increase your customer engagement and nurture long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

  1. Create an online community 

Although you may already have your line of customers who follow you on social media and interact with you with every chance they get, it would still be ideal to gather all of them in one place (maybe a Slack group) and have them interact with one another. Community gives a sense of belonging and your customers would love to know how their peers are using your product to ensure the success of their businesses. Building an online community helps you establish a customer community and drive engagement. 

  1. Incentivise Engagement 

Nothing feels better for your customers than to have something to show off the fact that they have been rewarded by simply engaging with your company. These incentives can keep engagement rates high and encourage loyalty amongst your customers. You can offer them sponsored events, training certificates, VIP access to new features, rewards for specific achievements or milestones in their businesses and so on. 

  1. Implement a chat feature on a website 

Make it easier for customers to reach out to you by implementing some visually engaging AI-powered chatbots which pop up as soon as they enter your official website. Be their guide through your products and provide them with a personalised service that recognises their needs and offers solutions to their problems. You grab their attention and make the engagement a more pleasurable experience, which encourages them to come back for more valuable content.  

  1. Utilise web and social media analytics 

By investing in high-quality analytics, you will better understand whether your engagement strategies have been working. Different measuring metrics will help you evaluate your performance through your company’s media channels, such as email marketing, social media communities, and website traffic. These metrics provide you with the data that will help you understand your customers and create personalised and valuable content. 


By implementing these strategies, your company’s media channels will help you understand the customer experience, create high-quality personalised content, build your community, deploy relevant communications, and analyse your performance. Engaging with your customers in the right way will help you build trust and credibility in your industry. And to top it off is that boosts your reputation in the long run.

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