How you tell a customer’s story depends on how you view it as important for the organic growth of the company. There are multiple channels to be explored when choosing the right way to tell your customer’s story, which you know will contribute to your credibility as well as your reliability. 

Prospects care what their peers have to say about your business and the way you communicate with them is vital to their experience and will influence their buying decision.  

An easy structure to follow before telling your customer’s story is to run customer interviews to choose the best story by picking the one with social proof. Afterwards, you then select the right format to display the story and consider what it takes to amplify the customer story. 

3 things to consider before you tell your customer story 

  • Ensure the stories are relatable and accurate 
  • Assure the stories answer prospect’s issues and concerns 
  • Choose the correct format that improves the story’s sharability. 

When it comes to sharing your customer story, there are various ways to do it. Here are the four main formats: 

“Quote” Testimonials 

A short sentence that is captivating enough to convince potential customers that your product or service is the right one for them. 

  • Usually shown within your official website or marketing campaigns. 

Video Testimonials 

A powerful way to captivate your audience’s attention and visually present your customer story, with before and after examples. 

  • Tends to be used in social media posts and promotional videos. 

Customer Reviews 

Helpful written feedback given about the product or the company itself helps boost confidence.  

  • Best used in blog posts, review posts or the landing page of your website. 

Case Studies 

The retelling of your customer’s experience with the product in an efficient way demonstrates in detail, the issues they previously faced, how your software helped and how their success was achieved. 

  • Used in the company’s website, emails and product pages. 

Places to share customer story content

  •  You can share it within a sales presentation or highlight it at a company’s event;
  • The testimonials given by customers can also be used during webinars and workshops;
  • Stories can be featured in sponsored social media posts; 
  • They can be incorporated within email marketing;
  • A press release can be included in the list, as well as visual graphics of the testimonial added towards other content marketing strategies; 
  • They can be added to business proposals given to prospects; 


In general, customer to customer stories influence more than what the company has to say. It can also give your B2B SaaS competitive advantage if you pick the right channel that will help customers retain the most information about the product. Overall, it is a needed task to accomplish once the best customer stories have been identified and chosen.

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