Advocates are 5x more valuable than regular customers because they spend more and choose to stay with you longer, thereby increasing your customer lifetime value. 

 The goal of an advocate is to inform others of your products and in turn, they are recognized, valued, and rewarded. Before this, you need to consider that not all customers are advocates. 

 That’s why we have gathered a few ideas on how you can creatively engage with your customers to help drive advocacy in your company.

 Social Media Interaction

 Customers enjoy getting your attention on social media. About 80% of customers expect companies to interact with them on social media. It makes them feel important and that their opinion about your company matters.

 Interacting with your customers encourages them to reach out and ask questions, as well as provide feedback. By involving them in the early decision-making stages, you gain valuable insights that will help improve your products, which will cater to your customers’ needs and preferences.

 Using social media also enables you to create an open line of communication with your customers, resulting in faster responses and better customer service.

 Establish Online Community

Building an online community gives your B2B customers a place to openly talk to one another and share how they feel about your company and products. It will provide insight into your customers’ minds and boost customer engagement.  

 Once your community has been established, it becomes easier to identify the customers who qualify as brand advocates. After they have been identified, you get to nurture and offer a personalised advocate experience depending on their actions within the online community.

 Leverage User-Generated Content  

 User-generated content is 20% more influential when it comes to buying decisions and 35% more memorable than other types of media. By leveraging content created by your B2B customers, you can display it in automated campaigns and promote it on the company’s website and product pages. 

 Sharing their content helps to reinforce your relationship with your customers and encourages them to become advocates for your company.

 Personalize Engagement

Regularly communicating with your customers, allows you to create personalised engagement to specifically address customer needs, problems and challenges. You also get to send targeted messages & promotions and monitor their changing customer goals. 

By offering meaningful personalised communications, you drive advocacy and increase revenue. 


Your customers will be more inclined to become advocates for your company if they are made to feel special before, during and after using your products. Hear them out, share their ideas, personalize your communication with them and highlight their creativity. In doing so, you improve your customer engagement and drive advocacy. 

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