Product adoption is a process where your customers recognise the value of your products and eventually become active users. Adoption eventually leads to higher retention and lower churn, which helps your company generate more revenue. 

B2B SaaS marketers need to invest more time and money in driving product adoption in order to drive more customer success outcomes that increase loyalty. 

To increase adoption, it is important to establish a meaningful and trustworthy relationship with your customers, by understanding how you can help them overcome their challenges, pain points and blockers within their organisation. 

Customer satisfaction is a priority and when customers are happy, they are more than willing to spread positive word of mouth. 

Here are 8 customer engagement strategies that you can employ to drive adoption. 

Email marketing 
  • Send emails highlighting the latest features and updates to your products. Always include an incentive (i.e. discounts) to gain their interest and improve your clickthrough rate. 
Social media promotion
  • Promote and direct message new product features and developments on social media to your customers. Leverage different formats (i.e video) to drive conversions and direct them to your product pages for more information.
Observe customer behaviour 
  • Track customer interests and buying behaviour and send personalised content (i.e. video, tips, blogs) which specifically addresses their problems, needs and challenges. 
Host events 
  • Invite your customers to a webinar or workshop where you can demonstrate how your new features are solving specific key challenges in your customer’s organisations. 
Product tours 
  • Build in-app messages to guide your customer through your product and help them discover your products’ value much faster. Product tours help improve customer experience and drive adoption. 
Customer success stories 
  • Share customer success stories to highlight how your products have helped your current customers overcome challenges and driven more successful outcomes within their organisation. 
In-Product alert notifications  
  • Provide opt-in mobile or desktop notifications for product updates, system improvements and important announcements, to increase engagement and adoption. 
Seek Feedback 
  • Ask for feedback and collect surveys responses to help nurture your relationship with customers and ensure their opinions and concerns have been heard. 


A customer engagement strategy aimed at providing customers with meaningful and valuable content increases product adoption. An increase in product adoption leads to an increase in customer retention and advocacy that is critical to driving sustainable revenue growth in B2B SaaS.

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