What is Co-Creation?

Co-creation is an integral part of advocate marketing, a key component in changing how we engage and interact with consumers. Instead of the brand owning the message, existing customers are asked to help shape campaigns, create content and shape advertising. This approach allows potential customers to see the brand in a much more authentic way. The customers who help in this process also feel valued and as a result are more loyal to the brand.

Co-creation can crush traditional marketing and advertising and generate not only meaningful interactions but also a boost in sales.

Albizu GarciaCEO and Co-Founder of GainApp

Co-Creation in action

Rather than attempt to shut down unofficial Hobbit fan sites, New Line Cinema co-opted them, helping spread word of mouth and create buzz about its movie The Lord of the Rings. Gordon Paddison, senior vice president of worldwide interactive marketing, reached out to the more than 400 fan sites before the movie was released to communicate with the early influencers and give them insider tips. This is an example of co-creating being used to engage a community and involve them in the marketing process.

How does co-creation transform customer experience?

It makes your customers feel valued, while also adding value to your brand. When done well, they are able to see that their feedback and ideas are actually being received and reviewed and that it might even influence future improvements or innovation.

As a result, this fosters deep brand loyalty amongst your customers, who will ideally become engaged advocates for your brand, extending the reach of your marketing efforts and the likelihood of success. In fact, an article in The Telegraph (What is ‘co-creation’ and what are the benefits for companies?), highlighted lots of benefits and we are now seeing more companies adopt this approach…


of businesses have piloted co-creation projects to help them innovate

of businesses say that co-creation has helped improve their social impact

of businesses say they now work with consumers on a regular basis

Co-creation is not a new concept, but it is one that is being enhanced and driven by the way the world is changing.

Patrik SjöstedtCo-Head of Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business in EMEA

Co-creation creates a community of reliable customers that are rewarded for their participation, enticing them to be part of an exclusive group of individuals that bring value to a brand. Brands that continually find success in co-creation understand that it takes an active and engaged community to best collaborate.

Getting started with Co-Creation

With so many opportunities to co-create, it’s important that you start with one activity and then expand across the marketing mix. Here are some tips on how to get started…

  1. Find and recruit a small group of advocates (10-20) to co-create with
  2. Ask them for their ideas for your next marketing campaign
  3. Show them some of your early ideas and encourage feedback
  4. Invite them to create content as part of the campaign
  5. Get them to distribute the campaign through their networks

Finally, have fun! Co-creation is an opportunity to do things differently, to collaborate with your customers and to change the way we engage with consumers.

We can help you Co-Create

Our solutions are designed to help you work with your customers when creating new and innovative marketing campaigns. We help you crowdsource ideas, capture opinions, test assumptions and understand what customers value most. Our team of experts will also be at hand to offer their knowledge, ensuring you engage with your customers in the most effective way.