We help you collaborate

with your customers

Whether you need support alongside our Platform or help in designing a customer advocacy programme, our services are designed to bring you closer to your customers - creating lifelong advocates that drive revenue.

How We Can Help - The 3 C's of Collaboration

We help facilitate conversations, build loyalty and design campaigns by working alongside your customer advocates. Our approach gives you unique insight that allows you to become truly customer focused. To do this we focus around the 3 C's of collaboration...


We help you source your biggest fans and turn them into customer advocates that spread positive word of mouth and enhance your brand reputation.


We empower your most innovative customers to come up with ideas, create campaigns and work with you to bring new products to market.


We co-create campaigns with your customers, creating user-generated content that outperforms traditional marketing.


A brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is, it is what consumers tell each other it is.”

Scott Cook, Founder of Intuit

We help you build a community of your most trusted and engaged customers and turn them into brand advocates. Here are some of the ways we can help you…

  • Identify and recruit customer advocates
  • Create engaging customer stories and case studies
  • Incentivise your customers to spread positive word of mouth
  • Enhance your online brand reputation


Crowdsourcing is a great way to approach innovation because at any given point there’s always somebody on the internet who knows something better than you do.”

Guy Kawasaki, Silicon Valley VC

Innovation shouldn’t be done in isolation and that’s why we get your customers involved, not only does this approach generate more actionable ideas it also improves the time it takes to get a new product to market, improves quality and reduces false starts. We can help you:

  • Empower your customers to come up with ideas
  • Get customers to validate your thinking
  • Conduct customer research into new technology
  • Prioritise your product marketing and meet customer expectations


Co-creation can crush traditional marketing and advertising and generate not only meaningful interactions but also a boost in sales.”

Albizu Garcia, Founder of GAIN

The balance has shifted, customers have the power; they want their opinions taken seriously, they want to be part of the conversation and they want to help create your campaigns. We help you to collaborate with your customers, allowing you to:

  • Create user-generated content
  • Distribute content through your micro influencers
  • Drive social media conversations
  • Captivate customers with engaging competitions

Put Us To The Test

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