Build Authenticity Through Your Customer Stories

Empower your customer advocates to generate authentic content with your products and services to boost trust and credibility with your target audience.

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Identify and recruit the right advocates

Increase the effectiveness of your User-generated content(UGC) campaign by targeting the advocates that are highly likely to generate engaging content.

Select the best advocates based on the following attributes

  • Social media engagement with your brand
  • CRM customer data e.g. Location, customer satisfaction scores e.t.c
  • Previous customer advocacy behaviour

Request and manage content collection

Take the hassle out of requesting and managing user-generated content (UGC) from your customer advocates with the Hyve platform.

Create a library of UGC content to add to your marketing collateral to build trust and authenticity.

Track & Measure User Generated Content

Measure your user generated content campaign performance and track engagement.

  • The total number of clicks & impressions
  • The total number of submissions
  • The total number of advocates

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Hyve helps you recruit the right advocates, empower them to work alongside you,
measure their engagement and reward their participation at scale.
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