Turbocharge Your Customer Referrals

Grow your business and acquire your best customers by empowering your customer advocates to spread word of mouth.

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Identify and recruit the right advocates

Increase your referral program’s effectiveness by targeting advocates that are highly likely to recommend your business to their family and friends.

  • Customer Purchase behaviour, i.e. Purchase recency & frequency.
  • CRM customer data, e.g. Location, customer satisfaction & NPS(Net promoter) scores.
  • Acts of advocacy completed.

Fully customisable program

Boost your engagement & conversion by personalising your customer referral program to match your brand guidelines and create a seamless customer referral experience.

Update the program email and website copy using language that connects with your audience at a human level.

Track referrals from emails to customer checkout

Take advantage of Hyve’s powerful integrations to track revenue generated through referrals.

Upload or generate voucher and discount codes to use in customer checkouts to apply instant discounts.

Track & Measure Referrals

The Hyve platform in-depth tracking and advanced reporting capabilities provide actionable insight to optimise your campaign performance.

Report on the following metrics:

  • The total revenue generated from customer referrals.
  • The total number of impressions.
  • The total number of clicks & shares by channel.
  • The total number of conversions by channel.

Ready to collaborate with
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Hyve helps you recruit the right advocates, empower them to work alongside you,
measure their engagement and reward their participation at scale.
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