Making Word Of Mouth Digital

Drive customer acquisition, Boost organic revenue growth and
Increase customer retention through your loyal customer advocates.

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All In One Customer Advocacy Platform

The Hyve platform provides you with the tools you need to
discover, engage and grow your community of brand advocates at scale.
Convert loyal customers to Advocates
Social Media

Discover potential advocates from your social media following who are already engaging with your brand and invite them to your community.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Programme

Activate your net promoter programme to a new level by giving your promoters an opportunity to spread positive word of mouth to build loyalty and trust.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Monitor your customers life time value and frequency of purchase in your CRM to identify happy and loyal customers to invite to your advocacy community.

Collaborate with your advocates
Communities that engage

Providing you with community tools such as Forums, Customer referrals, Social Sharing Q&A and Competitions that will increase engagement and encourage your advocates to have meaningful conversations.

Crowdsourcing innovation

Providing you with crowdsourcing tools such as Polls, Surveys, Ideation and Customer panels to empower your innovative customers to come up with novel ideas and help you bring new products to market quicker.

Co-create your marketing

Providing you with co-creation tools to collect User Generated Content such as Reviews, Videos, Pictures, Blog content, Picture that outperforms traditional marketing.

Measure success of your advocacy programme
Revenue Growth

Track every advocate engagement to measure the return on investment. We help you track advocate-influenced leads generated, conversions, renewals and upsells.

Community Growth

Measure the health of your advocacy program by tracking advocate recruitment conversion, programme promotion and ongoing advocate participation.

Community Engagement

Gain actionable insight into your advocacy programme by tracking advocate activity to optimise your campaigns to increase engagement.

Reward advocates for their participation

Recognise your advocates’ participation with custom brand badges that will elevate their status and motivate them to spread positive word of mouth.

Custom Brand Rewards

Create custom brand rewards to recognise your advocates in a special way that will connect with them at an emotional level.

Charity Donations

Allow your advocates to donate to their favourite charities that align with their values in exchange of points earned through collaboration with your brand.

Customer collaboration that drives revenue

Engage with your customer advocates in a meaningful way to help your sales, marketing,
customer and product teams to achieve your organisation objectives.
Revenue Growth

Reduce your cost of
acquisition and increase

Customer Engagement

Engage customers to
improve your customer

Inbound Marketing

Unleash your customers
creativity to generate
engaging content

Product Innovation

Crowdsource and validate
new ideas for your products
and Services

3 C’s of Collaboration

Build meaningful and emotional relationships with your customers by collaborating
with them at a deeper level.

Conversations that engage

Explore Community

Mutually valued propositions

Explore Co-Creation

Ideas that inspire

Explore Crowdsourcing

Collaborate with your

Customers at scale

Our platform lets you collaborate with your customers
however you choose, allowing you to empower
advocates with engaging activities.
Find and Recruit the right advocates, onboard
and Enable them to work alongside you, Measure
their engagement and Reward their success.
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Ready to turn your customers
into advocates

Hyve helps you recruit the right advocates, empower them to work alongside you,
measure their engagement and reward their participation at scale.
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