Turn your customers into engaged customer advocates

Customer advocacy software platform helping brands increase referrals, reviews and user generated content through their customer advocates to build trust and loyalty.

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Customer Advocacy Platform For
Marketing & Customer Experience Teams

The Hyve platform helps your teams find, engage and grow your community of

brand advocates to drive customer acquisition and Increase customer retention.

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Integrating with your favourite tools and platforms to

discover and nurture your customer advocates.

Increase Customer Referrals

Accelerate sales and reduce the cost of acquiring new customers by running fully customisable referral campaigns that drive conversions.

The Hyve platform provides you with the tools to A/B test, measure & optimise your referral campaigns.

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Increase Customer Reviews

Build social proof, credibility and instil trust in your business through your advocates authentic customer reviews.

The Hyve platform enables you identify the best fit customers to leave a review and help syndicate them to all your review sites.

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Increase User Generated Content

Collaborate with your customer advocates to create user generated content (UGC) for your marketing campaigns.

The Hyve platform provides you with the tools to manage multiple UGC campaigns across multiple platforms.

We help you collect different types of content including pictures, videos, blog and audio content and help manage communication with customers.

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Build Engaging Communities

Consistently turn your customers into empowered advocates that spread positive word of mouth.

The Hyve platform provides you with the tools to manage an enterprise community with an extensive library of activities to keep your advocates engaged.

Empower your customers to connect with each other and have meaningful conversations to build trust and loyalty.

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Customer collaboration that drives revenue

Engage with your customer advocates in a meaningful way to help your sales, marketing, customer and product teams to achieve your organisation objectives.

Revenue Growth

Reduce your cost of acquisition and increase revenue

Customer Engagement

Engage customers to improve your customer experience

Inbound & Outbound Marketing

Unleash your customers creativity to generate engaging content

Product Development

Crowdsource and validate new ideas for your products and Services

Ready to collaborate with
your customers

Hyve helps you recruit the right advocates, empower them to work alongside you,
measure their engagement and reward their participation at scale.
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