Build, nurture and grow your pipeline of customer advocates

Automate your customer marketing activities such as referrals, references, reviews and community, all in one place.

Easy for customers. Easy for you.

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Customer Marketing Platform For
Fast Growing SaaS Companies

Activate your customer marketing programme to turn your customers into engaged advocates.

Close the customer journey loop to drive growth with better close rates, retention, and stronger customer relationships.

Customer Collaboration That Drives Engagement

Create mutual value in every interaction and turn your customers into

engaged advocates to build meaningful and lasting relationships.

Customer Reviews

Mobilise your customers to leave quality reviews in the places that matter to build trust and credibility and improve your brand reputation.

Customer References

Build a pipeline of customer advocates ready to share their stories on how your business has helped them overcome the challenges within their organisations.

Customer Referrals

Encourage your customers to advocate on your behalf by empowering them with tools that make it easy to spread positive word of mouth about your business.

Customer Communities

Build your own vibrant branded community that connects, engage, delights and forge valuable personal customer relationships.

User Generated Content

Empower your customers to create content like blogs, videos, podcasts that will connect with your audience at an emotional level.

Social Amplification

Empower your customers to share your content on their social networks to boost social reach and increase brand awareness.

Build your pipeline of customer advocates and track their activities

Identify customers primed to become advocates and have full visibility of your customer activities and reward programmes.

No more scattered customer marketing tech stack

Do everything in one place – drive customer referrals, build customer communities, get reviews and turn customers into content creators.

Prove business impact and ROI on ALL of your customer activities

Easily track all of your activities with advocates so you can attribute your efforts back to business goals, retention and expansion!

Remove the barriers that stop customers raving about you

We make completing acts of advocacy SUPER easy for your customers – there’s no asking customers to sign in or pushing them 10 touchpoints to do something.

We make reward programmes easier for you to manage

Delighting your advocates is key. Hyve allows you to reward these acts with product discounts, charity donations, personalised gift cards and more!

Customer-Led Growth

Collaborate with your customer advocates in a meaningful way to support your sales, marketing, customer and product teams to drive customer-centric outcomes.

Customer Retention

Build a strong customer relationships with relevant and personalised customer activities to increase loyalty.

Customer Life Time Value

Drive cross-sell and up-selling opportunities through education to increase product adoption.

Customer Advocacy

Increase word of mouth by personalising and targeting your most active advocates based on their individual needs.

Customer Community

Create a thriving customer community where customers support each other and conversations happen organically.

Activate your customer
marketing programme

CLOSE, DELIGHT & EVANGELISE. Drive growth with better close rates,
retention and stronger customer relationships.
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