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The Hyve Platform enables brands to collaborate with their customers and drive revenue through word of mouth.

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We are proud alumni of the Marketing Academy, we are mentors on Google’s Squared scholarship, we were asked to host the CX part of London Tech Week, we’ve been selected to take part in NatWest’s Accelerator programme and we are Ambassadors for the CXPA. And that’s just the start…

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Whether you need support alongside our Platform or help with a project, our services are designed to bring you closer to your customers - creating lifelong advocates.

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A penny for our thoughts…

Customer Advocacy

Guest Blog: How to turn your Customers into Brand Advocates?

Transforming your customers into brand advocates…   Earlier this month, I was invited to be…
Customer Advocacy

Re-examining Loyalty and thinking about the future

I have recently bought a new purse. You might think this isn’t a major thing…
Customer Relationship Empowerment
Customer Advocacy

Customer Relationship Empowerment

Customer Relationship Empowerment - what is it and why is it important? The term Customer Relationship…
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Together we collaborate.
Together we are Hyve.

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Out and about town…

Events we’ve been involved in

London Tech Week Digital CX

Hyve CMO hosts Digital CX World as part of London Tech Week

15,000 people descend on the capital for Europe's biggest Tech gathering Over 15,000 people attended London…
Customer Experience Roundtable

Hyve host the Future of CX Roundtable

300 people gather for Tech Wednesday's Summer BBQ as Hyve is launched Over 300 people…
Hyve launches at Tech Wednesday

Hyve launches at Tech Wednesday’s Summer BBQ

300 people gather for Tech Wednesday's Summer BBQ as Hyve is launched Over 300 people…