The 3 C’s of


The Hyve platform helps you create customer advocacy programmes that start conversations that engage,
ideas that inspire and co-create mutually valued propositions with the help of your biggest fans.
Build true loyalty and trust by engaging with your advocates in the right way.

Communities that engage

We help you discover your biggest fans and nurture them into
engaged advocates that spread positive word of mouth.
→   Identify and recruit customer advocates
→   Create engaging customer stories and case studies
→   Incentivise your customers to spread positive word of mouth
→   Enhance your online brand reputation

Crowdsourcing ideas that Inspire

Empower your most innovative customers to come up
with ideas, create campaigns and work with you to
bring new products to market.
→   Empower your customers to come up with ideas
→   Get customers to validate your thinking
→   Conduct customer research into new technology
→  Prioritise your product and meet customer expectations.

Co-create mutually valued


Co-create campaigns with your customers, creating
user-generated content that outperforms traditional
→  Create user-generated content.
→  Distribute content through selected advocate lists
→  Monitor and Measure social media conversations
→  Captivate advocates with engaging competitions

Ready to collaborate with
your fans

Hyve helps you recruit the right advocates, empower them to work alongside you,
measure their engagement and reward their participation at scale.
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